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Save the dates
Light Jeri details
July 09 Preá (check in) - July 12 Tatajuba (check out)
Special Coaching -- Guilly Brandão details
August 06 Cumbuco (check in) - August 13 Preá (check out)
Delta (Parnaíba) details
August 19 Parnaiba (check in) - August 23 Ilha dos Poldros (check out)
Light Jeri details
August 24 Preá (check in) - August 27 Tatajuba (check out)
Delta (Experience) details
August 26 Parnaiba (check in) - September 02 Atins (check out)
Delta (Preá) details
September 23 Preá (check in) - September 29 Tutóia (check out)
Light Jeri details
September 28 Preá (check in) - October 01 Tatajuba (check out)
Classic Path details
October 01 Cumbuco (check in) - October 06 Preá (check out)
Delta (Poldros) details
October 08 Preá (check in) - October 14 Atins (check out)
Light Jeri details
October 26 Preá (check in) - October 29 Tatajuba (check out)
Iron Man with Paula Novotna details
October 29 Cumbuco (check in) - November 05 Atins (check out)
Classic Path details
November 07 Cumbuco (check in) - November 12 Preá (check out)
Delta (Poldros) details
November 12 Preá (check in) - November 18 Atins (check out)
Light Jeri details
November 23 Preá (check in) - November 26 Tatajuba (check out)
Classic Path details
December 03 Cumbuco (check in) - December 08 Preá (check out)
Delta Path details
December 10 Preá (check in) - December 16 Atins (check out)